Sunset and Sunrise walk experience

Sunset walk is a wonderful way to end a brilliant day on the high point “Mountain” with an angle of 360° view at the elevation of 1775 meters above sea level.

Sunset walk involves a simple and relaxing walk starting from your place of residence or hotel in Sipi to the sunset viewpoint.

On your way to the viewpoint, you will have time to interact with the local people as they keep waving at you since the community people are so welcoming.

As soon as you get to the sunset viewpoint, you will be amazed by the overwhelming views of the plainlands of the Karamoja region, and of the 3 Sipi Waterfalls. You can also see the Mount Elgon ranges till the Jackson Summit, which is the second highest point of Mount Elgon and the Jacksons’ Table.

You will be able to spot bird species, like the redwing sterling, and pied crow among others, and you may also chance to see some monkeys.

You will be taken through the storytelling about the people staying in the area and how the Karamojongs used to behave against the natives back in those days.

We organize this activity, starting at 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm.



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