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Rock climbing in Chebonet

Looking for a thrilling activity? Rock climbing in Sipi is the one for you. This activity involves scaling the various natural rock formations in the Sipi. It’s a physically demanding but thrilling activity that will reward you with breathtaking views of the Sipi Falls area. This thrilling activity is suitable for both novice and experienced climbers.


There are several rock climbing routes in Sipi for climbers of different levels. The most popular rock climbing spot in the area is the Sipi Rock next to Moses campsite, which has over 14 bolted routes. Another popular rock climbing spot is located right by Chebonet waterfall which stands at a height of 40 meters. The spots offer both easy and challenging routes for rock climbers.


To get to the main climbing spot, you’ll hike down a small path for a few minutes. When you get to the spot, you can observe the routes as you’re briefed on rock climbing and its history in Sipi Falls. The guides will show which routes are easy, medium, or hard. They’ll help you make an informed decision depending on your experience level and fitness.

Is rock climbing in Sipi safe?


Yes, climbing the rocks in Sipi is very safe. A team of experts who have received adequate training manage the activity. They have the required knowledge and skills to respond to and manage emergencies. They also have necessary emergency equipment like first aid kits.


The climbing company has the special equipment required for rock climbing. They provide ropes, helmets, harnesses, and recommended shoes, among other things for climbers who need them. The equipment is of top quality to ensure the safety of the climbers.


The physical fitness of those who wish to undertake climbing in Sipi is evaluated to ensure that they can handle the climb without endangering themselves. Rock climbing is a mentally and physically challenging activity that requires some level of fitness and stability.


Climbers are also briefed about the activity before they can start climbing. The instructors will train those with little knowledge of the basic climbing techniques before they can embark on the adventure. You’ll be in very safe hands when going rock climbing in Sipi.


Both beginners and experts can do Rock climbing in Sipi. It’s a family-friendly outdoor activity that children, with the consent and presence of their parents or guardians, can do. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the adventurous climbing enthusiasts in Sipi.

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