Rock climbing at Sipi Falls is a thrilling adventure activity that is suitable for both novice and experienced climbers. The Sipi Falls area has numerous rock formations that are ideal for rock climbing, and visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the falls as they climb the rocks.


One of the most popular rock climbing spots in the area is the Sipi rock adjacent to Moses campsite and then another one just right on top of Chebonet waterfalls, which stands at a height of about 40 meters. This cliff offers both easy and challenging routes for climbers, and the climb to the top is relatively safe with experienced guides.




The activity requires special equipment such as ropes, helmets, harnesses, and recommended shoes which are usually provided by the climbing company. Climbers also need to be physically fit as climbing requires considerable effort and strength.


Rock climbing at Sipi Falls is an excellent way to challenge oneself physically, mentally and provide a unique view of the surrounding areas.



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