A Boda Boda tour in Sipi is a great way to explore the beautiful landscapes and scenery of the region! Like Sebei region comprises three districts with their meanings in the local language in Kupsabiny. Kapchorwa (Home of friends) in the local language, Kween (In between), and Bukwo district which is the last district before crossing to Kenya

and we can help you plan a route that takes you off the beaten path and into some truly breathtaking areas. Whether you want to enjoy the different plantation crops along the way experience the Bagisu tribe which the neighborhood tribe to the Sabinys and will be able to enjoy the most splendid view of the plain land of Karamoja the mountain Kadam and Napak with the endless ranges of Mt.Elgon.



Sipi to Suam border round trip 194Km

Sipi to Ngenge through Muyembe junction and then back to Sipi

Sipi- Kamu Market, then Buginyayi through Bugimoto and back to Sipi. Many more routes can be planned on the ground as well.


The Boda Boda tour is a fun and exciting way to discover the natural beauty of Sipi and the whole region.

Boda boda tour


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