Abseiling / Rappelling Experience

Abseiling is a classic outdoor adventure challenge, which anyone can do. You do not need any experience to abseil, abseiling on this vertical cliff at the main Sipi Waterfall with a height of 100 meters high from the top to the bottom is just a desire to overcome your natural fears of heights and “give it a go” attitude.

The abseiling team of instructors is passionate in their job, professional in visitor handling, knowledgeable, and well-trained. Client safety is their number one priority.

As they start descending you down by a rope, the team will make sure to take photos and videos of you from all possible angles until you land at the bottom of the waterfall.

It is basically controlled by sliding down a rope where friction is exerted on the abseil rope through a smooth metal and a figure of eight.


For nervous clients, the team will make sure you conquer your fears of heights till you reach the bottom of the waterfall. While the guests who are used to are free to choose any method of abseiling. Either self-abseiling or with the help of the instructors.

The feeling of achievement when you reach the bottom of the waterfall is the simple reward of happiness.



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