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Mount Elgon – the extinct volcano


is one of Uganda’s oldest physical features, first erupting around 24 million years ago.

Mount Elgon was once of Africa’s highest mountains, far exceeding Kilimanjaro’s current 5895 meters. Millennia of erosion have reduced its heights to 4321 meters, relegating it to the 4th highest peak of East Africa and 8th on the African Continent.

People on Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is home to two tribes, the Bagisu, which speak the Gishu language, and the Sabinys which speak the Kupsabiny language together with the marginalized “Ndorobos” forced to dwell deep within the forest of Benet.

The Bagisu, also known as the Bamasaba consider Mount Elgon to be the embodiment of their founding father Masaba and refer to the mountain by this name.


At 4000 km² Mount Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world located on the Uganda-Kenya border. It is also the oldest and largest solitary volcanic mountain in East Africa.

It is vast 80 km in diameter and rises more than 3000 meters above the surrounding planes.  The mountain’s cool heights offer respite from the hot planes below with the high altitude providing a refuge for Flora and Fauna.

Mount Elgon National Park is a habitat for over 300 species of Birds including the endangered Lammergeier and primate animals. The higher slopes are protected by the national parks in Uganda and Kenya creating an extensive transboundary conservation area that has been declared a UNESCO man & biosphere reserve.

Trekking on Mount Elgon


deserted moorlands unveil a magnificent uncluttered wilderness without the summit-oriented approach common to many mountains. The ultimate goal of reaching the top of Mount Elgon “Wagagai Peak” is not the final ascent but descent into the vast 40 km² caldera.

Who can hike Mount Elgon?


Anyone from children over the age of 10 to older generations in their 60s and 70s!

All you need is determination and the will to get to the summit.

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Bea Alexandra Wintschnig
Bea Alexandra Wintschnig
I can absolutely recommend the Mount Elgon Trekkers! Ramazan showed us around in Sipi and my group mates and I enjoyed every minute of it. He was very friendly and accommodating to our requests as well as knowledgeable about the area. If I ever return, I will 100% get back to them.
Cherop Mark
Cherop Mark
Very professional team☺️.thanks for the good work you're doing!
Calvin Cheb
Calvin Cheb
Ramah at his best, trust him for better experience!


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