Sipi Falls Accommodation

Sipi Falls has a number of accommodation facilities. Do not worry about where to stay. As you plan to visit this beautiful region, with many waterfalls to explore.

The facilities ranges from luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels.
However, there is enought turning point of where to stay, depending on your interest and budget.


Rafiki Lodge Sipi

Rafiki Lodge Sipi is located on the foothill of Mount Elgon. With a beautiful view of the main Sipi Falls and the plains of Karamoja. The Lodge set has the following: Family cottages, Bandas, Honeymoon suits, Twin rooms, Tripple rooms, and basic rooms.

Rafiki Lodge Sipi offers a very comfortable stay to guests seeking to hike Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon.


What to Expect at Rafiki Lodge Sipi

You enjoy the beautiful views, and seamless connection with nature while staying at the Lodge. A romantic private Lodge on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

You will experience an intimate fire site, dining, comfortable reading lounge, and air veranda, where the dramatic sound of the Sipi Falls awakens you. There is also a bar well stocked with beers, wines, and fine selections of Whisky.

The price ranges from $25,- to $200,- B&B

Rafiki Lodge Sipi

Mise Cave Lodge

Mise Cave Lodge is among the mid-range Lodge and is located in the Sipi Area. The lodge consists of 9 self-contained double rooms, with hot showers.

The lodge is positioned at a nice site for every type of vehicle to access and is next to the famous Cave, known as Mise Cave. Right at the entry of the cave, it has a small waterfall, which sometimes takes your breath away, since one may think it is raining.

During the ancient days, the cave played a cultural role as it was used for child naming as well as cultural rituals. For example the first twin would get a name Chepkwech, where by the seconhd of the twins would be named Chesuro.

However for now due tu modernity the cave has been turned to a tourist destination and you can still access the cave through Mise Cave Lodge. For the travelers who may want to trace the history of Mise Cave, we advice to take a local guide.

The prices at mise Cave Lodge range from $69,- to $139,-

Mise Cave Lodge Sipi

Sipi Valley Resort

Sipi Valley Resort is one of the moderate Sipi Falls accommodations and it is positioned near the cliff with an amazing view of the Sipi Falls and overlooking the Sipi Valley as well as the plainlands up to the lake Bisina and Obeta.

On days with stable weather, you can view beyond those lakes.

Sipi Valley Resort has a breathtaking view and a beautiful landscape. While at the resort one can still enjoy an exhilarating sunset from 6 pm – 7 pm. Even though watching the sunset from the resort is amazing, it is better to watch it from the sunset viewpoint with a 360-degree view.

The accommodation facility offers double rooms, and single occupancy rooms, all self-contained. For travellers, who would like to camp, the resort offers a huge camping ground also suitable for camping vehicles.

The prices range from $62,- to $100,-

Sipi Valley Resort

Sipi Heritage Lodge

Sipi Heritage Lodge, which was previously called Sipi River Lodge, is located in the heart of Sipi Falls, where the Sipi River passes. The Lodge offers accommodation in a range of cottages and bandas. Cottages are self-contained rooms. Bandas have showers and toilets outside close by.

The cottages are well designed with a thoughtful mind of African art. The Lodge offers the best view of the second waterfall and the Sipi River that passes by at the boundary of the Lodge premises.

The cottage’s features include 4×6 feet bed size. 3×6 feet beds. Ensuite bathroom with a double shower, one king-size bed a sofa set, and a private veranda.

The Bandas are made in style reflecting African traditional houses with round walls and genuinely crafted thatched roofing. This simple African style of Riverside Bandas blends into the local outlook within the area. All the bands have shared facilities, toilets, and showers among the residents in other Bandas.

The price ranges from $80,- to $240,-

Sipi Heritage Lodge

Lacam Lodge

Lacam Lodge is a beautiful mid-range accommodation in Sipi positioned next to a cliff with a spectacular view of the main Sipi Falls and amazing views overlooking the Sipi Valley and plainlands.

Lacam means Cliff in the Kubsabiny language, spoken by the local people.

Right at the Lodge you can observe people from a very close distance abseiling the main Sipi Falls.

The Lodge has a setup of 4 Bandas of which one is a family room with more beds accommodating up to 4 people. However, the other 3 Bandas have a unique setting where you can enjoy the sunset from your room before Dinner time. The 4 Bandas are all well set with flush toilets, hot showers, and comfortable sofa positioned inside the room, and a chair outside on the veranda.

For guests on a budget, Lacam Lodge offers 3 basic rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

Lacam Lodge has partnered with Endiro Coffee which runs the restaurant. However for Lunch and Dinner at the Lodge, Endiro Coffee has a very nice menu, which favors vegetarians too.

The price ranges from $35,- to $120,-

Lacam Lodge

Crows Nest Sipi

Crows Nest Sipi is one of the campsites for budget travelers and has one of the best views of Mount Elgon from all the rooms. It also offers as well a spectacular view of the 3 Sipi Waterfalls.

Crows Nest Sipi has a very nice and comfortable camping ground for both, tent camping and overland trucks. Crows Nest offers cabins and self-contained rooms with a shower and toilet ensuite. The Bandas share the toilets outside nearby. 

However, the view from the Bandas is stunning.

The price ranges from UGX 20.000,- to UGX 60.000 per night

crows nest sipi accommodation

Sipi Guest House

Sipi Guest House is a unique and budget accommodation option for tourists visiting Sipi Falls in Eastern Uganda. The guest house is situated in a beautiful location overlooking the stunning landscapes of the falls, and it offers comfortable rooms and facilities for the guests.

The guest house has a variety of room options, including single, double, and family rooms, each equipped with comfortable beds, a private bathroom, and basic amenities such as a wardrobe, a desk, and a seating area. Some of the rooms also have a balcony, which offers amazing views of the surrounding falls and countryside. Well the guest house also has a very nice ground for those looking for where Camp with their Tents and Car rooftop camping

Overall, Sipi Guest House is a great accommodation option for tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Sipi Falls while also having a comfortable and enjoyable stay in a peaceful and scenic environment

Moses Camp Site

Moses Camp Site is one of the campsites suitable for backpackers with either car rooftop camping or tent camping. Do not expect fancy facilities while planning to stay at Moses Camp Site.

The campsite is situated adjacent to the cliff with a beautiful view of the main Sipi Falls and of course, with a breathtaking view of the stunning Valley.

The campsite has toilets and shower places outside, though no hot water. But you can get hot water for the shower on request. The camp has a nice campfire spot. When the weather is stable the staff at the camp will make for you a campfire in the evening, with a blend of storytelling about the area.

There is a bar at the campsite, but you are also free to come with your drinks. There is a picnic table, which you can use to dine as you enjoy the beautiful views and the campfire.

The price ranges from $10,- to $20,-


Sipi Travelers Lodge is one of the budget lodges at Sipi Falls, the base of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda which is the perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The lodge features comfortable accommodation options ranging from self-contained double rooms, Self-contained- twin rooms, and non-self-contained rooms, all offering a very nice stay while enjoying the amazing Sipi Waterfalls activities with our local expert tour guides.


The lodge prides itself on providing excellent service and hospitality to all guests, making it a home away from home. Visitors can indulge in the fantastic cuisine served at the restaurant, which offers both local and international dishes.


Additionally, the lodge is located along Mbale Kapchorwa main road and you don`t need to worry about how to get to the lodge when using the public means since you can just tell the taxi driver that you are stopping at Sipi Travelers Lodge and will be drop off right Infront of the gate whereas for the clients driving themselves the signpost of the lodge is very clear with the name of the lodge on the left-hand side when coming from Mbale side.

 The rooms are very clean and comfortable with enough space in each room and the staff at the lodge are so welcoming and you will have a memorable stay with them. We at Mount Elgon Trekkers, make sure we give you the best options depending on your budget and good service is our top priority.


The prices at Sipi Travelers Lodge range from 50,000 Ugx to 120,000 Ugx

Travelers Lodge in Sipi

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