“The best view comes after the hardest climb”

3 days of Mount Elgon trekking

This is considered the shortest way to get the summit within 3 days, 2 nights, but it’s as well as steeply and once dealt with it at the start, the rest becomes easy and gentle but intensive.

You will set off from Budadiri Gate to Bumasola Village where the starting point is and below is how the Itinary will flow.



a) Good hiking shoes
b) Rain jacket
c) Warm sweater
d) Warm clothes, warm hand gloves
e) Power bank
f) Some medicine for emergency
g) Headtorch

DAY 1:


Arrival at Budadiri Gate for the registration, briefing, meet with the ranger’s guides, porters and the cook.

You will then board Boda Boda’s to the starting point in Bumasola village. You will hike through the wall of life skipping the Sasa river camp at elevation of 2900m above sea level, Sasa Patrol Hut to Mude camp at elevation of 3500m above sea level for our first night.

This hike takes approximately 7-9 hours depending on how you find itand your strength level.

DAY 2:


Early in the morning after breakfast, you will embark on the hike to the summit passing through Jackson pool, Jackson peak and the view of Jackson table.

The views here are stunning.

Then proceed to Wagagai peak, walking along the caldera rim. It’s 9km going to the peak and 9km returning from which total up to 18km after touring, you will descend to Mude camp or Sasa river camp for the 2nd night.

DAY 3:


After your early breakfast, you shall exit the park by descending to Bumasola village where you will be picked by Boda Bodas’ transferring you to Budadiri office.

Thereafter, marks the end of your 3 days mountain experience.


Variation for a 4 day Mount Elgon trekking

The first 2 days are taking the same route like the 3 day Mount Elgon trekking.

At day 3 the route changes as follows.

Day 3:


After early breakfast, we start from Mude cave camp descending to Tutum cave camp at the elevation of 2667m asl.

From Mude to Tutum it is a distance of 37 km, taking 9-10 hours. At Tutum cave camp you will spend the third night.

Day 4:


After early morning breakfast you will depart from Tutum cave camp to Kapkwai exploration center at the elevation of 2057m asl for 11 kilometers.

It takes roughly 4 hours hiking. Therefore it’s at Kapkwai exploration center where the car or boda boda will be waiting for you to transfer you to your guesthouse.

This summerizes the 4 days Mount Elgon Trekking experience with us.

6 days of Mount Elgon hike



Piswa – Sasa trail

The above trail is considered as the longest trail. You will explore the mountain in 6 days maximally. Therefore the trail is also considered as the uphill and the easiest trail to hike up to Wagagai Peak.

The Trail is gentle from the starting point, which makes it easy for the mountain hikers. On this trail you will be able to encounter a lot during the hike.

What to expect on this trail:

Walking through the primary and secondary forest. The Landscape, amazing views, mountain Antelopes, variety of flowers, like the everlasting flowers.

You have a chance to encounter different types of monkeys, like the black and white colobus monkeys, the red tail mankeys, the blue face monkeys, and the vevet monkeys.

A variety of birds can be seen there too, like the endangered Lammergeier, atalap Turaco and many others.

The Highlight of this hike is the Hot springs at the elevation of about 4000 meters asl. From this point the Jackson Summit and Jacksons Table can be seen.

Day 1.


After early morning breakfast at your place of residence or guesthouse, you will taken by a boda boda to Kapkwata Uganda Wildlife Office. If you have your own car, you can use the car too.

At the Office you will proceed with the registration, briefing, meeting the ranger guides, porters, and cook.

After that you will start the hike from the Office to Piswa Patrol Camp for your first night at the elevation of 2850m asl. which is a hiking distance of 11 kilometers.

Day 2.

Waking up early in the forest on Mount Elgon, and after enjoying an early morning breakfast you will continue with the hike, leaving the camp hiking to Hunters Cave Camp. There you will spend your second night, at an elevation of 3870 meters asl. which covers a distance of 16 kilometers.

The second day seems to be longer in terms of distance and time, though the landscape head slightly hilly and gentle areas. But it depends how you find it.


Day 3.

After early morning breakfast you will take on a hike through the caldera rim excluding the routes that leads to the hot spring and the peak, and descent straight to Mude Cave Camp for the third night.

The camp is at the elevation of 3500 meters asl. the distance covers 18 kilometers.

Day 4.


You wake up early in the morning to enjoy your breakfast. After breakfast you will embark on a hike to Wagagai Peak at 4321m asl.

On this trail you shall encounter a lot during the hike, passing through Jacksons Pool. 

You will enjoy the magnificent view of Jacksons Summit and Jacksons Table, depending on the weather and visibility. From there you will be able to see the Mubiyi Peak which is 4210m asl too.

This part of the area is moorland where you will see the everlasting flowers and the mountain Duikers among others.

The total distance from the camp to the peak is 9 kilometers, which adds up to a total of 18km. The 4th night you will be back at Mude Camp.


Day 5.

After early morning breakfast you will descent to Sasa River Camp, which is at the elevation of 2900m asl.

At this camp you will have more time to relax and enjoy the surroundings, sharing stories with the rangers and the team, before checking out of the mountain.

You will have a chance for some bird watching and spotting monkeys.

Day 6.

After enjoying your breakfast you will start to descent from Sasa River Camp towards the ladders through the community to Bumasola Village.

Reaching the village you will be picked up by a Boda Bodas to bring you to Budadiri Wildlife Office for the check out.

After the check out you will continue the journey back to your lodge or guesthouse.

This will mark the end of the 6 days trip on the Mount Elgon experience with us.

Package Prices

Package of the 3 days Mount Elgon trekking with us includes:


Hiking fee – 3 days
Camping fee – 2 nights
Tent- 2 nights
Sleeping bag and mat – 2 nights
Cook – 3 days
2 Porters – 3 days
Food and water – 3 days
Boda Boda facilitation – 2 way
1 night in Sipi before the hike

The price for non-residents is
$450,- p. P.

The price for East Africans is
UGX 960.000 p. P.


Package of the 4 days Mount Elgon trekking with us includes:


Hiking fee – 4 days
Camping fee – 3 nights
Tent – 3 nights
Sleeping bag and mat – 3 nights
Cook – 4 days
2 Porters – 4 days
Food and water – 4 days
Boda Boda facilitation – 2 way
1 night in Sipi before the hike

The price for non-residents is
$650,- p. P.

The price for East Africans is
UGX 1.350.000 p. P.


Package of the 6 days Mount Elgon trekking with us includes:


Hiking fee – 6 days
Camping fee – 5 nights
Tent – 5 nights
Sleeping bag and mat – 5 nights
Cook – 6 days
2 Porters –  6 days
Food and water – 6 days
Boda Boda facilitation – 2 way
1 night in Sipi before the hike

The price for non-residents is
$800,- p. P.

The price for East Africans is
UGX 1.650.000 p. P.


If you would like to leave your footprint on the peak of Mount Elgon, you are welcome to join us for your trekking experience.



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