Coffee tour experience

Are you a coffee lover and want to learn where, how, and when coffee was discovered?

Sipi Falls Arabica Coffee is known as the finest Coffee in the World and let’s see the history of the crop.


Coffee was discovered in the wild in the 9th century in Ethiopia. Coffee took some time to spread. In the 12th century, herbalists in Yemen began using it as a remedy for stomach upsets. It reached Britain in the 16th century and America in the 17th century and Uganda in 1900.

Culturally the Britains were closer to tea and the empire needed ways of financing itself. So Ugandans were introduced to tea drinking, while coffee was for commercial purposes.

In the early 21st century coffee shops began in Kampala. Now every town has got coffee shops, but to trace the story of coffee Mount Elgon Trekkers organizes all for you.


Our coffee farmers will take you through their plantation and teach you about the life cycle of the crop and their role in the process. You will take how to raise up a coffee primary and secondary nursery bed before transplanting the seedlings to the main garden.


What to expect


Coffee history, science, and practice of growing coffee, processing, and handling of the crop, and finally tasting the freshly brewed cup of coffee, which marks the end of the coffee tour experience.

If you like the coffee and would like to support the farmers, you have a chance to purchase real organic coffee directly from the farmer.



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