Day Tour Nature Walk

Are you a nature lover and have limited time at Mount Elgon? Kapkwai Exploration Center has a solution for you.

Mount Elgon natre walk is yet another exhilarating experience. Hikers in Moiunt Elgon will have a chance to encounter the park primates, birds, and rare tree species.

The trails leads past caves, view points and water falls, known as Chebonet Waterfalls.



Within the park there are three trails with different distances.

The 7 km trail (4-5 hours) mountain bamboo trail to Kapkwai cave passes through the tropical bamboo forest. Along the trail are many primates, birds and rare tree species such as Elgon Teak and Elgon Olive.


The 5km and the 3 km walk walk to Chebonet Falls offers you another amazing nature experience.



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